Typical Window Trimming Styles


Picture Frame - Stool & Apron - Rosette Block

Which of the three most common trimming styles will you use?

The three styles represented in the illustration at right are (l to r): Picture Frame, Stool & Apron, and Rosette Blocks. As is the case with much of design, taste and preference often determine choices, and strict adherence to historic tradition may not be the primary concern. Nevertheless, it is helpful to note where particular styles are appropriate, so as to provide context.

The Picture Frame style is most often used in contemporary homes. It is seen in Modern, Neo-Eclectic, and Post-Modern homes.

The Stool & Apron style is a very traditional trimming technique, appropriate for Colonial, Federal, Georgian, and Adams style homes, as well as Neo-Classical, and Colonial Revival styles.

The Rosette Block style is seen mostly in Greek Revival and Victorian style homes, particularly Queen Anne Victorians, though stylized versions of rosette blocks have been used in Post-Modern homes.

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