Exciting New Materials, Wonderfully Unique Doors

Textured metal, natural stone, artist patinated and tooled metal, selectively chosen to create one-of-a-kind doors.


Textured bronze panels in golden oak with integral LED lighting (click for larger image)

Deep textured metal panels

We offer special deep texturing on metals like: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, zinc, and more, even painted, colored, and anodized metals. We currently have 15 different patterns which can be applied to any of the metals listed above. Eight standard mill finishes can be applied to any metal, both textured or non-textured.

Many of these deep textured metals are surprisingly subtle in appearance. For example, the door at right, BA6310p-x, features pattern P-1HM-rm, in bronze. Other textures can be quite bold, like P-9RTP-rm which is a common diamond plate pattern, especially suitable for doors in garages and workshops. View all of our textured metal panels, and view all of our special door designs — new designs are always being created, check back frequently to see the latest designs.


Artist-created patinated copper panels

Artist-created, patinated and tooled metal panels

For exceptionally unique doors, we offer artist-created metal panels. These are custom-made works of art by renowned metal artists. Distinctive patination, acid bathing, flame treating, gold and silver leafing, and hand tooling, these techniques and more are creatively employed by artists to define movement, color, tone, and texture. The door at right is BA3012p-x with panel P-Copper-Acid-js.

All artist-created metal panels are individual, unique, and quite variable in color and design; a color range may be requested but color matching is not possible. All artist-made panels are subject to the artist's availability and schedule.

Process patinated metal panels

We also offer special, process patinated, copper metal panels. These less expensive panels are made by technicians using custom chemical solutions and refined techniques. Some variation is likely but is usually limited to differences in hue and tone. View all of our textured metal panels.

Natural stone panels


Natural stone panel in a walnut door

Another really exciting material for use in panels is natural stone. This is the ultimate in nature-provided materials, lending texture, color, form, and pattern for a uniquely organic product. From subtle gray to dynamic green, red, black, and white, our sedimentary stone panels are as unique as individuals. The door at right is BA4311p-x with stone panel P-Indian-aut-tl.

Stone is highly variable in grain, color, pattern and texture; some types are deeply textured while others are relatively smooth. View our entire line of stone panels, and note how each photo contains an inset showing 8 different samples of the same stone, illustrating the variability that should be expected.


Seven light frosted glass door

Creative proportions and styling

Not all of our special designs use textured panels. Some feature frosted glass, inset shadow detailing, transverse grain, and multi-hued finishes. The door at right, BA7011gp-x, is an example of all those elements. The bright frosted glass contrasts dramatically with the dark espresso finish, while the adjacent panels, with their olive green color and transverse grain, lend interest and subtle variation to the design.

Another interesting element is integral LED lighting; the door in the top image features LED lighting. In this particular example, the LEDs are installed on both sides of the top rail, but LEDs could be installed in the bottom rail and/or stiles. As you can imagine, integral LED lighting accentuates our textured panels. Available in warm white, natural white, cool white, various colors, and color-changing LEDs. Many are dimmable, and some are suitable for exterior use. Due to the thickness of the LEDs, only certain sticking profiles may be used.

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