Engineered Wood Core

Solid wood doors, maximum stability


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Our doors meet or exceed AWI standards which require that stiles be made of engineered wood. The image at right shows two sectional views and one side view of our engineered, stave core wood stile.

The top portion of the image shows a sectional view of our typical stave core stile. Notice how the solid wood core is created by laminating several pieces of lumber together, alternating the grain direction for improved stability. Then the finished skins (1/8" - 3/16") and edge material (3/4") are laminated to the core to produce the stile blank which is then ready for machining.

The middle portion of the image shows a side view of the stile with the finished skin removed to reveal the stave core and finish edging.

The lower portion of the image shows a cross-section of an exterior panel door. Note the foil vapor barrier sandwiched between the two halves of the solid wood panel. Also note the foam expansion material in the panel groove, which allows the panel to "float" or move independently, while remaining centered in the opening.

Product Example