Coordinated Mullion Casings


Use our standard mullion casings to achieve exceptional design continuity.

Mullion casings cover over stud pockets, or back-to-back window jambs on multi-unit, ganged windows.  They can be from 1-1/2" to 9" wide, depending on how the windows are ganged.  As a result, mullion casings must be special ordered to match the ganged windows, in both width and length.

Mullion casings that match the inside edge detail of the casing, provide greater design continuity than the flat mullions so often seen.  A majority of our casings are designed to match one of our two standard mullion designs, AB71 and AB72.  In the image at right, the mullion casing AB72 incorporates the same edge detail as casing AB128, the result being a more refined look.  The top half of the image shows the mullion casing once installed, the bottom half shows the exploded intersection.

Any qualified trim carpenter will know how to properly install these mullions.  The majority of installers will use a jack-miter joint, though on smaller width mullions, they may use a cope joint (as seen in the image).

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