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Large-scale, traditional and contemporary moulding designs for fine homes, boutique hotels and country clubs.


Moulding designs praised by professionals

Belle Artae moulding designs are known for their clean lines and excellent proportions. In keeping with our design philosophy, we have created a collection of mouldings that derive their beauty from purity of form, not ornamentation.

Architects and Interior Designers have long recognized the beauty of our sculptural designs, and have specified them for use in celebrity homes, boutique hotels, exclusive country clubs, and distiguished law offices. Read testimonials from some of today's most important architects who say that our mouldings are "exceptional and unique to the industry", that they exhibit "high standards of design and fabrication", they posess "superior sculptural qualities" and are so distinctive that "I can identify, at a glance, your moulding design from any other".

Form and function

Our designs range from traditional to contemporary, so they can suit the needs of most projects. Some of our profiles have companion profiles that have similar design features, but are larger (or smaller) in scale. Use these companion profiles in areas where a larger (or smaller) profile is needed to acheive proper proportion, and to maintain design continuity. 

A good example might be 10 foot ceilings on the first floor, and 9 foot ceilings on the second floor. In such a case, the AB509 crown would be appropriate in scale for the first floor, but would be too big for the second, where the AB501 would be more appropriate.

Additonally, most of our casings incorporate one of two standard inside edge profiles. From those edge details, we have created two standard mullions casings which, when used properly, further enhance design continuity. We also offer several standard plinths for projects where that is appropriate.

Product Example


  • “Not only are your profiles of superior sculptural design, but careful attention has been...

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  • Roger Ferris, AIA, RIBA