Modified and Custom Designs


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Subtle changes made to our standard designs.

In the image at right, you can see how our standard designs can be modified to create a new look.  The changes can be as simple as changing the panel or sticking details as in the left two doors - changed from a raised panel to a flat panel.  Or, as in the right two doors, the changes can be more apparent such as modifying a central element, in this case the mullion or lock rail, to make a stylistic difference.


More significant changes or even completely custom designs.

In the image at right, the left two doors show another fairly simple change, in this case, to the mullion stiles at the top of the door.  Simple changes such as these can have an impact on style.  Dramatic changes to panel proportions combined with panel and sticking changes, completely tranforms the look and feel, as in the right two doors.  In fact, the only obvious similarity is they are both 6 panel doors.  The take-away is that variations in our standard designs, or completely custom designs, are all possible.

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