Different Size, Different Look


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See the effects of changes in door size on door design.

Changes in height and width can alter the design quite profoundly as seen in the illustrations at right. 

The pair doors on the right side show the configuration at 6’-0” x 6’-8”.  The repeating circle motif in this custom design is true geometrically, however the pair on the left, at 5’-0” x 6’-8”, has a more oval shape.  That is not to suggest that the look is wrong but that it is different and reflects the effects of changes in size.


The doors at right give another indication of the differences in appearance of the same design at varying heights and widths.  The left door is a 2’-6” x 6’-8”, the center door is a 3’-0” x 6’-8”, and the door on the right is a 3’-0” x 8’-0”.  Notice the changes in proportions of the design elements from door to door.  Please keep this effect in mind and be sure to refer to shop drawings for the degree of effect on all orders.

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